Changing characteristics of youth in residential programs

In recent years, the juvenile justice system in Harris County has experienced a vast number of changes. These include transitions in key decision-makers, such as juvenile judges; changes in practices among stakeholders; and fluctuations in the delinquency rate among Harris County youth. As a result, the composition of the population of youth in different parts of the system has also undergone substantial transformations.

This report uses rich and detailed data to characterize youth going into residential placement and describes how these characteristics have changed over time. The vital information in this report will enable those who directly engage with youth in residential programs, as well as high-level stakeholders, to better serve youths in residential facilities.

The final report can be found here

This project is part of our long-term partnership with the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department (HCJPD), in which we aim to quantitatively characterize the multiple decisions that affect the youth in the system, rigorously evaluate programs and services, and identify racial disparities throughout the system. Our research will directly inform HCJPD leadership, as well as other stakeholders, such as the Harris County Juvenile Board, as they implement policies, changes, and programs to achieve their vision for youth justice in Harris County.

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