Re-entry Roadmap Program

Policy problem

The Re-entry Roadmap program is offered to offenders soon to be released from correctional facilities in Texas operated by Management and Training Corporation (MTC). The Re-entry Roadmap program is a low cost and short, 15-hour, version of the 45-hour Conduits program, also provided in MTC facilities by Acceleron Learning. The program guides offenders through the first days and weeks after prison release by providing a set of practical, actionable, and timely tips and tasks. Acceleron and MTC asked the Texas Policy Lab to evaluate the impact of the Re-entry Roadmap program on rates of recidivism. 

Our approach

Working closely with Acceleron Learning and MTC, the Texas Policy Lab designed a multi-site Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) that will quantify the impact of the Roadmap program on recidivism rates. The study design takes into account the fact that the program’s impact on those  who also participate in the Conduits program can be different from those who do not. Enrollment of study participants and data collection was set to begin in April, 2020 but was paused due to COVID-19. 

Results and Impact

While this evaluation is on hold due to COVID-19, we anticipate that the results of this study will help Acceleron and MTC decide how to improve, refine and/or expand the Roadmap program. Due to its low cost, if the evaluation shows the program is successful at reducing recidivism, this program can be replicated in other correctional facilities in Texas and the US.

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