Impact evaluation of programs and practices

TPL and HCJPD have begun a systematic review process of programs and practices implemented by the HCJPD to conduct rigorous impact evaluations of these programs. Prioritizing the evaluations with the highest expected impact, and using a variety of experimental and quasi-experimental approaches, TPL will develop and implement research designs tailored to each program’s characteristics, goals, and data availability. 

TPL will also pilot and evaluate new programs and interventions. In these cases, TPL will provide scientific support in the design of the program and advise HCJPD on how to incorporate the evaluation of the program in its implementation plan. 

By identifying which programs are effective and which programs are not, this research agenda will allow HCJPD leadership to adjust their programming to deliver services that have a measurable impact on the youths they serve. Programs that are not found to be effective may be revised and adjusted, or replaced by new programs, which could in turn be piloted and evaluated before a scaled implementation. In the long run, this iterative process will allow HCJPD to build a cohesive portfolio of services based on programs that effectively address youths’ needs. 

This agenda will encompass multiple projects and is part of our long-term partnership with HCJPD.

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