Strengthening Labor Markets using a Scientific Approach

Labor Markets

The Texas Policy Lab is providing expertise to government leaders seeking to evaluate the impact of public programs on employment, wage gains and other critical economic indicators. In addition, many state and local leaders are facing human capital challenges in recruiting, training and retaining the workforce needed to effectively deliver high-quality programs. Projects range from designing and evaluating reforms to reduce correctional officer turnover and assessing the impact of reentry programs in jails and prisons on employment outcomes.

Example project:

  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice Correctional Officer Retention: Like many other states, Texas faces a high number of vacant correctional officer positions and a high rate of turnover. The Texas Policy Lab has formed an inter-disciplinary team of economists and industrial/organizational psychologists to support TDCJ in designing and evaluating reforms to address this critical challenge.

Active partnerships:

  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice
  • Texas Workforce Commission
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