Language Development Program Evaluation

Our promising LENA Start findings in Philadelphia induced Alief ISD leaders to explore the feasibility of serving children as young as 18 months in their feeder pattern to improve their language development.

  • Policy question: Can a large, urban school district implement and scale a toddler language development program using a “talk pedometer” device to coach caregivers? What is the impact of the LENA Start program on toddler language development and elementary academic outcomes? Can the program be successfully implemented at scale? What are the costs for the school district?
  • Methodology: TPL is training and guiding Alief ISD staff to implement the program and is conducting a randomized controlled trial to determine the program’s short-term impacts on toddler language development and longer-term impacts on elementary school academic performance.
  • Results and impact: This research is still in progress. We expect results to be critical in exploring the potential of scaling early childhood parenting programs through school districts.
  • Interim Findings: 


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