The Texas Child Care Business Coaching Program

The Texas Child Care Business Coaching program was rapidly designed and implemented in 2021 to stabilize the child care sector after COVID-19 disrupted business operations and enrollment. By using a flexible, non-linear model, this program has addressed providers’ most pressing needs in a systematic way through business coaching on core management strategies and specialized topics such as Child Care Relief Funding.

The Texas Policy Lab collaborated with the Texas Workforce Commission and its implementing partners to understand child care provider participation and satisfaction in this new program through a mixed methods approach. In its first year, 1,965 providers participated, with 90 percent of those surveyed in a representative sample reporting satisfaction with support. Additionally, 85 percent said the knowledge and skills gained from coaching improved their ability to operate.

The reports below provide a summary of findings and next steps. During the second year of the business coaching model, TPL will continue to address additional research questions aimed at more deeply understanding the impact of business coaching on child care business outcomes. Utilizing TWC’s administrative wage records, additional quasi-experimental research is underway to assess the program’s impact on child care business outcomes available in this dataset, including payroll, wages, and staff turnover/retention.

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